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3 day Aroma Massage Taster Course (ART)

Are you interested in preventative natural healthcare for your family? Do you already use essential oils and/or massage and would like to know more about this fascinating traditional method of balancing health? Or perhaps you are thinking about pursuing a career in Aromatherapy and wish to 'dip your toe' into the world of Aromatherapy before possibly taking it further. If so this Course has been created for you.

This extremely popular 3-day introduction to Aromatherapy Massage is also the first 3 days of the 7 day Massage Module of our Aromatherapy Diploma Course accredited by the IFPA - The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

We will cover the fundamentals of good massage practice techniques, including towel technique, correct body stance, looking after your posture as well as the massage routine itself. You will observe tutor led demonstrations, learn a full body massage and have plenty of practice time with tutor guidance.

We also offer a (2-day Aromatherapy Practical 'taster' Course) where we explore the fascinating world of essential oils and have fun creating many gorgeous aromatherapy products that students may take home with them. This Module is also one of the in-house Modules of our Aromatherapy Diploma Course accredited by the IFPA - The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.


Dorset: 3-5 August 2018 (£330)
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Surrey: 10-12 September 2018 (£330)
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Dorset: 3-5 August 2019 (£330)
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Surrey: 16-18 September 2019 (£330)
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'What is Aromatherapy Massage?'

Studies commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

The everyday fast pace of our modern lives makes it increasingly important to look after our health. An Aromatherapy Massage creates a window of time to unwind and let go of the stresses and strains of our hard working week.

The blend of deeply relaxing massage, sumptuous aromas and soothing sounds encourage one to drift into a profound level of relaxation.

During an Aromatherapy Massage, essential oils are applied to the skin and worked into the body, using massage techniques focused upon relaxing or stimulating the nervous system. The massage loosens tight muscles, clears blocked tissue and releases toxins into the lymphatic system for the body to excrete.

The nervous system communicates with the internal organs, glands, nerves and circulatory system. The effect can be stimulating or calming - depending upon the types of oils/massage used and the needs of the individual receiving the treatment.

The oils are compatible with the basic structure of the skin, penetrating it layer by layer - moisturising it, making it more supple and stimulating the production of new cells.

The nose contains approximately ten million neurones, which interact with odour-molecules. These are olfactory receptors, which communicate odours to the emotional centre in the brain - otherwise known as the 'limbic system'. This phenomenally active system communicates with other vital areas of the brain, e.g. those related to controlling the heart-rate, blood-pressure, memory, reactions to stress, etc.

The glands, which regulate the release of hormones, also communicate with this limbic system or 'small brain'. As the body is massaged with the powerful oils, each selected for its unique, holistic properties, the psychological, as well as the physiological effects, are astounding. In this manner, the massage acts concurrently on both body and brain, calming 'jangled' nerves and stimulating energy-flow, relieving tension and depression and eliminating toxins, whilst building healthy tissue.

Regular massages with the addition of essential oils are proven to be a truly effective method of maintaining balanced health.