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Massage/Aromatherapy/Ayurveda 'Taster Courses'

No prior experience is required to attend these courses.

We offer various courses in Massage, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda that are open to those with no prior experience. Join us and have fun in the process whilst learning about these ancient healthcare systems. Explore the traditional Ayurvedic approach to holistic healthcare through learning about your family's doshas and how to keep them balanced with the right diet, lifestyle and Ayurvedic preparations and treatments.

Many people are already using Massage, Aromatherapy and/or Ayurveda with their own families and perhaps friends. There is a growing awareness of the benefits of natural medicine in preventative health care as well as to assist with common family ailments. We are now more informed and are making wiser choices with a wish to minimise the side effects sometimes associated with taking medication. Choosing natural medicine is an obvious choice.


If you would love to learn how to massage your family/friends safely in an informed way you could attend our 3 day Aroma/Massage Taster that is a solid introduction to massage.


Aromatherapy came from Ayurveda and our Aromatherapy courses encapsulate this truly holistic approach to balanced health and wellbeing with the aid of beautiful essential oils.

We offer the following courses to those who are already using essential oils with their family and friends or who wish to embark on that journey. Learn to use these beautiful natural products wisely and therefore safely. You never know, you might even become so inspired that you might wish to contine your journey with us and become a Professional Aromatherapist! Should this be the case for you (you wouldn't be the first) then our Aromatherapy 'Taster' Courses would then serve as part of your Diploma studies.


Essential oils when used safely are valuable therapeutic tools. However, we must remember that they too have to be treated with respect.

We also recommend that you explore our Ayurveda courses. (Aromatherapy was founded upon Ayurvedic principles.)


We welcome Students who have no prior experience who want to use the skills learnt with their family/friends. In India and Nepal, anyone can massage, and we have the aim to keep this tradition alive.

Within each of our Courses we cover a different subset of the Ayurvedic Principles; which are fundamental to grasping this fascinating and truly holistic system of health care.

Distance-Learning Only