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Combining Reiki & Massage Course (CRM)

This is a NEW 'Guest' course written and presented by Reiki Master Annabel Fox.

Do you already use your Reiki with your massage and would like to add some new and advanced tools to your present treatments? Or, have you as yet not combined the two therapies but would like to learn from a Reiki Master various approaches to create effective treatment plans?

This course is designed for existing Reiki and massage practitioners to learn advanced approaches to combine these therapies with the most effectiveness to create amazing experiences for your clients.

Annabel has been successfully working as a Reiki/Massage practitioner for 15 years and has been doing hands on healing since she was a child. When she completed her Reiki Teacher training in Australia in 1999 and began work as a Reiki therapist, she found she was naturally drawn to using massage techniques alongside the Reiki. Experience demonstrated that the two disciplines together were a recipe for success. She went on to train in Swedish Massage and has since combined these treatments and Reiki/Massage was born! With further training in Thai Yoga Massage, Natural Facelift massage and Indian Head massage Annabel has been a fully booked successful therapist ever since. Having worked as a therapist and teacher for 15 years Annabel is teaching this two-day course for students who have already trained in Reiki and Massage and would like to learn how to combine the two successfully.

Students will be provided with a course book that includes hand positions and techniques to create a therapeutic menu that will keep clients coming back for more! Also included in this course is a hot towel system to give your clients the added treat they deserve. The majority of this course will be practical and you will have the opportunity to both give and receive a Reiki Massage. This course will seriously boost your client list!

Your manual covers all aspects of the course so you can be more present without the need to take notes.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate as a Reiki/Massage practitioner.


If you are interested in this course please contact us for dates.

Course Content

Studies commence at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

Preparing for your clients.

Dry body bathing. Space clearing. Setting up sacred space. Honouring the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Pre-treatment. Listening to your client. Finding out what their needs are and what is most important to them. Creating your treatment plan. Getting started. Correct alignment for your client on the couch. Encouraging your client to let go through breath awareness. Energy clearing. Using hot towels. Warming up through hot towels. Relaxing your client.

Reiki massage combined techniques for:

Practice: – after demonstration of each section students will practise on each other. Time will be allowed to give feedback after each session.

Your way is best:

Although you will taught some great techniques you will be encouraged to use your instincts and own personal practise to develop your own amazing treatments that will change with each client and each session. Using your Reiki with Massage allows you to be an open channel of healing energy and to work intuitively.

You will receive a course book and certificate on completion of this course.