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Reiki - Level 1 Course (REI)

Reiki Level 1 is a NEW 'Guest' course, written and presented by Reiki Master Annabel Fox.

Annabel was traditionally trained through the 'Reiki Hands and Feet Foundation' and offers all levels of Reiki training from Level 1 through to Masters/Teachers. She has been working as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher for 15 years and has a successful client practice.

This is a potentially life changing course that re-ignites the healing flame that is available within us all, and to us all through Universal energy. By connecting with this energy we may realise the true light and magnificence of our being. If you are already a therapist in another field, Reiki works in combination with all other therapies and therefore will enhance your present client practice.

Reiki is a Japanese system of healing promoting all aspects of well-being - a healing touch that conducts energy, through the giver, to the receiver. Its most profound effect is an almost immediate feeling of complete relaxation that reduces stress-levels dramatically. It is a holistic therapy, in that it works on the mind, body and spirit by stimulating the body's own natural healing capacity. It can be used alone, or with other treatments, to help restore physical and emotional problems.

The word 'Reiki' is Japanese for 'Universal Energy' and it is this energy that is awakened within a student during this course through meditation and attunements. These open up the energy centres allowing the recipient to become a clear channel for this life force energy. This energy is, and has always been, present from the moment of birth, before and beyond. Reiki is spiritual in nature and is not a religion. There is nothing that you are required to believe in to learn and to use Reiki. It is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual developement and therefore, is available to all. It has successfully been taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the world.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki can help us find our way back to our natural state of well-being. Our body knows how to heal itself, as every cell in our body is continuously replacing itself. Reiki simply works in accordance with this natural state of self-healing and the body’s ability to heal itself. It re-establishes a state of balance/equilibrium on all levels. It balances the body’s energies and clears blockages, and toxins.

Before the course:

You are advised to do a one-week de-tox. This includes eating fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains, and increasing intake of water. You will experience a shift – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and this de-tox will enable you to go through these shifts more smoothly.

What to wear:

Comfortable natural clothing.

Presently, we only schedule these courses in Dorset, as the ambience of the venue; a beautifully converted chapel, is so appropriate for the Course.

Course numbers are intentionally kept small to facilitate each student having individual attention.


Dorset: 9-10 March 2018 (£210)
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Dorset: 14-15 September 2018 (£210)
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Course Content

Studies commence at 10.00 a.m. and finish 5.00 p.m.

REIKI LEVEL 1 is a 2 day course (consecutive days) and is an initial 'attunement' to Reiki. This attunement is similar to tuning into a radio station; with Reiki you are tuned into the healing energy of Reiki. You will learn how to use this wonderful energy for yourself, family and friends and you will be given help on how to make the attunements permanent and continuously available in the future. The course is open to people of all ages and backgrounds and no prior experience or knowledge is necessary; however, an open mind to making positive life-changes is desirable. A relaxing & very nurturing 2 days - time for you!

Please note that, on completion of this Course, Level 2a and 2b (Practitioner level) are available.

Topics addressed during the Course:

Benefits include:

There will be ample opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.

Course Certificates are awarded to completing Students.

Many Associations accept our courses for CPD including the IFPA (6 Category B Points for each day attended).

Student Comments

"Very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. A great teacher who clearly loves what she does".

"Absolutely lovely lady. So right to teach this amazing subject to me. So full of love and so little ego. So self-aware and aware of others. I'm so very glad that this was the person I began my reiki journey with".

"Course surpassed all my expectations. Juli created such a safe, nurturing space for us to become aware of the reiki energy. Very well organised two days with a fantastic balance of nurturing and learning, chatting, tea drinking and meditation. A very special life-changing course".

"Great course-notes. Really clear, beautifully written and presented. Absolutely wonderful venue for this course, lovely hall".

"A really good balance of practical and theory and lots of time to express yourself and your opinions without interruption".

"I have always found SEED very efficient and the courses are always worth travelling for".

"Manual was exceptional, much more than just 'course notes', it felt like a gift!".