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Reiki - Level 2a Course (REI2a)

REIKI Level 2a is a NEW ‘Guest’ Course written and presented by Reiki Master Victoria Page. Victoria has been teaching Reiki since 2005 and offers all levels of training from Reiki 1 to Master/Teacher. Victoria is an holistic therapist based in Aldershot, Hampshire and loves to share her therapies and skills with others. Reiki was the first step on her own spiritual journey and self-development and she fully understands the awakening and transformation the practice of Reiki can give to the diligent student.

This next step along the beautiful Reiki journey presents a wonderful, nurturing 2 day course which takes you deeper into the beauty of what Reiki has to offer.

Level 2 is presented in two parts (2a and 2b) and students are required to attend both parts to be qualified to both treat and charge the general public.

Please note: If you wish to simply use Reiki for friends and family and not on a professional basis you can do this course without needing to complete Reiki 2b and client case-studies.

If you are looking to become a Reiki practitioner you will also be required to complete your Reiki 2b, client case-studies and the required personal practise. Victoria is particularly keen that you continue your self practise/self treatment as we are much better therapists when we look after ourselves!

Having learnt to channel Reiki and use it for yourself, you can now begin the two-part journey to becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The first part of this journey is the Reiki 2a which will teach you all the hand positions and techniques needed to give a truly wonderful healing experience, whether for friends, family or clients. If you are already a therapist in another field, Reiki works in combination with all other therapies and will really enhance your client practise.

During this weekend you will learn the different Reiki symbols. These include: The power symbol, the mental/emotional healing symbol and the distance healing symbol. You will have the opportunity to practise these symbols on yourself and others on the course. You will be taught how to do absent healings for sending healing to others and the planet. Sometimes we all wonder what we can do to help our planet and how to make a difference in such stressful chaotic times. Being able to channel healing love and light on a global scale is a wonderful gift to share, and helps us to feel we really can make a difference.

You will receive a Reiki 2a manual which covers everything on the course, allowing you to be present without the need to be taking notes throughout.

Before the course:

You are advised to do a one-week de-tox. This includes eating fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains, and increasing your intake of water. This will help to prepare you for a divine weekend and limit your detoxification symptoms.

What to wear:

Comfortable natural fibred clothing.

Course numbers are intentionally limited to facilitate each student receiving individual attention.

Presently, we only schedule these courses in Dorset and Hampshire as the ambience of the venues; beautiful converted chapels, is so appropriate for the Courses.


If you are interested in this course please contact us for dates.

Course Content

Studies commence at 10.00 am and finish at 5.00 pm

Level 2a includes:

Reiki 2a can be undertaken only when the student has had an opportunity to absorb, assimilate and practise those skills learnt on Reiki Level 1. They can then stop at this level or, following this course, they have the option of doing Case-studies in preparation for Reiki 2b.

A minimum of 3 months is suggested between taking Reiki 2a and 2b to allow time to practice, complete case-studies and receive feedback.

Certificates of attendance are given on completion of this Course.