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The S.E.E.D. Institute (Self-Exploration, Education and Development) was originally founded in 1986. We have been successfully training therapists for over 30 years and the school has developed and expanded during this time and is able presently to offer over 60 training courses.

Our Core Massage Qualification, Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma and many of our Post-graduate Courses have been created by our founders bringing their wealth of experience not only in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Advanced Massage disciplines but, in addition, their vast knowledge of 'holism' which is at the foundation of all of our core courses.

In addition we have an excellent team of Guest Tutors, offering a wide range of Post-graduate courses from Tsuboki Facials to Hot Stone Massage, Reiki (all levels) to specialised Abdominal Massage. We have courses accredited by the FHT and the CThA and all of our courses are accepted for CPD by most therapy associations. Our Guest tutors are not only highly qualified and teach internationally, but all have a warm and engaging teaching approach. This approach is fundamental to our ethos of delivering wholesome courses which also make learning fun and put the student's well-being at the centre of their learning experience.

Our aim is to assist practitioners to be holistic in their perceptions, outlook and practice by offering courses that teach the best of both eastern and western approaches to assessment and treatment.

Course numbers are intentionally limited to afford students individual support during their studies.

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The registered address of The S.E.E.D. Institute is:

The S.E.E.D. Institute UK
4 Church Street, Henstridge, Somerset, BA8 0QE

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Founder Members

Alison and John PerrottAlison & John Perrott (pictured) and Su Hagan were the Founder-Members of The S.E.E.D. Institute. Whilst no longer an Owner/Principal of the S.E.E.D. Institute; having handed the reins to John's daughter - Jane Rose - in October 2014, Alison hasn't completely retired as she maintains the role of Moderator for all of the Distance-Learning Courses and remains an Aromatherapy Examiner for the IFPA. She also maintains her busy Bowen Therapy practice at our treatment centre in Cumbria. John, a retired Computer Systems Consultant, Psychotherapist and Fourth Way Teacher, is now fully engaged with guiding 'Fourth Way' students. Su moved to Bulgaria some years ago where she runs courses on building 'Cob' houses and Bowen Technique which she also teaches internationally.


Jane RosePrincipal and Principal Tutor of the Therapeutic Division of The S.E.E.D Institute, Jane qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy in 1997. After practising for a few years, her youngest son was taken ill with severe mental health problems and Jane temporarily gave up her practice to care for him. This very challenging and personal journey enabled Jane to explore the deep and profound connections between mental, emotional and physical health; the balance of which is fundamental to our well-being. Jane's holistic Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic training encapsulates these concepts and forms the foundation of all consultations. As TSI's Principal Tutor, Jane teaches all of our Ayurvedic Courses, Advanced Massage Courses, Remedial & Sports Massage, our Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Babies & Children, Sitting Back Massage, Aromatherapy for the Elderly, Hands-Free Massage, Chinese Foot Massage, Health Assessment Techniques and our extremely popular Return to Massage/Aromatherapy Practice. Jane is a multi-disciplined Therapist and accredited Instructor - teaching to International Diploma Standards.


Juliet PerrottAdministrator

Juliet is our personable and hard working Administrator; dedicated to answering queries, processing bookings and dealing with our general administration. Juliet will assist you wherever she can, and if she doesn't immediately have the knowledge to hand to answer your query, she will do her best to find out for you.

StevenTechnical Support

Steven is our website designer, our computer specialist advisor and on hand for all things technical!

Guest Tutors

Anne ParryAnne Parry

One of our longest-standing Guest Tutors, Anne has been practising professionally since 1981 and is qualified in many different Therapies. She brings a good depth of experience to her courses as well as a down-to-earth, pleasant and professional approach. Anne teaches her Tsuboki Courses: Japanese Hand, Foot and Face Massage (Level 1 & 2) as well as Bach Flowers, Through the Towel Techniques, Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage.

Anita JamesAnita James

Anita is a multi-talented practitioner having qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head-Massage and Hopi Ear-Candling - to name but a few. Anita has served on the board of the I.F.P.A. and made regular contributions to their wonderful In-Essence Magazine. She is one of our excellent Guest Tutors, bringing to us her comprehensive 2 day Hot Stone Body and Foot-reflex Massage Course which she also teaches internationally. This excellent Course enables the qualifying Student to offer several new treatments to their clients, including luxurious top-to-toe Full Body Hot Stone Massages, Cold Stone Facials, Hot/Cold Stone Foot Reflex treatments and Hot and Cold Spinal Placements to balance the chakras during any treatment.

Bridget PrusikBridget Prusik

Another of our Guest Tutors, Bridget is an experienced Complementary Therapy practitioner with 18 years experience of working in palliative care. She started as a volunteer at a local hospice and now manages their Complementary Therapies department and its team of 14 therapists. As well as having a teaching role at the hospice and other health organizations, she has taught for a number of years at local colleges and brings her wealth of experience to teaching her Palliative Care and Death and Dying Courses for us.

Nina de Pina Perou Nina de Pina Perou

Nina and Mark are two of I.T.S’s First-Aid Tutors, Assessors and IQA’s. Both are qualified to teach a plethora of First Aid courses and are fully up to date with recent amendments to the first aid training guidance. Nina is a qualified Bowen Practitioner and Aromatherapist, and has been a member of the British Red Cross Commercial training team as a trainer and examiner. Having been a RGN Level 1 nurse since 1985 presently Nina works in a busy residential school where she constantly puts her nursing and first-aid training into practical use.

Mark de Pina Perou Mark de Pina Perou

Mark has retired from the Police Service after 30 years of service where among other roles he was a police medic. Mark has also for many years been a member of the British Red Cross as a volunteer and a member of their Commercial training team as a trainer and examiner. Nina and Mark both volunteer for South East Coast Ambulance Service as Community First Responders.

They both run I.T.S. (Innaminicka Training Services) which has been a registered First-Aid Training company for 30 years; working initially with the Health and Safety Executive (H.S.E.) and now with Qualsafe. The First-Aid Course they teach is accredited by the FHT and is accepted by most associations as part of their membership requirements.

Sally TylerSally Tyler

Sally Tyler is a highly experienced teacher and therapist in the complementary therapy field and in particular with soft tissue and deep relaxation techniques. She has over 16 years hands-on working experience. From her foundational training as a staff nurse with the NHS in a Kent hospital, Sally has built an impressive range of skills and therapies - Bowen Technique, Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, K.O.R.E. Therapy, Cupping. She went to the only Clinical massage learning centre in the country to learn more skills - Clinical massage, and in particular the pelvis, breathing, TMJ and Myofascial Release Techniques.

Sally also taught I.T.E.C. massage for the local Adult Education Area and taught K.O.R.E. therapy. Using all her skills and experiences and qualifications learnt over these years, Sally has moved on to share that knowledge with others at the workshops and courses she runs. Sally brings an in-depth awareness to her clients and students based on a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, the body and its functions.

Victoria PageVictoria Page

Victoria is an holistic therapist based in Aldershot, Hampshire and loves to share her therapies and skills with others. Reiki was the first step on her own spiritual journey and self-development and she fully understands the awakening and transformation the practice of Reiki can give to the diligent student. Victoria has been teaching Reiki since 2005 and offers all levels of training from Reiki 1 through to Master/Teacher.

Bernard Elliot-SmithBernard Elliot-Smith

Bernard Elliot-Smith brings the astonishingly effective Walker Technique to our Course list. The Walker technique is a powerful soft tissue release system which offers a broad selection of applications that have evolved from years of experience of other hands on therapies such as the Alexander and Bowen Techniques. Bernard is already an advanced Bowen Practitioner and has been teaching the Walker Technique for many years.