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Introductory, CPD and Post-graduate Courses

We offer a series of short CPD/Post-graduate courses. Whilst enabling Qualified Practitioners to build on their existing skill set, some (marked NPE) can also be taken by those without any prior experience. Our Tutors have a wealth of experience in teaching groups of students with mixed levels of ability and aim to give everyone what they need for a successful outcome.

General Information

All of our short CPD courses are accepted by The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and most are accepted by The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - amongst other Associations - as part of their Continuing Education Requirements.

Please note that our short courses are designated as being at one of two levels. Each is EITHER a Post-graduate training course or a Post-graduate qualification course.

Post-graduate training courses are designed to aid qualified therapists in their current practice and as continuing professional development (CPD) but are not qualifications in their own right. Students on these courses are awarded a Course-certificate. Please see individual courses for Certificate awarded.

Post-graduate qualification courses are courses during which the student is assessed for competence. Subject to a student already holding an appropriate therapy qualification, the assessment being satisfactory and the approval of the student's Governing Body and Insurance Company, it can be added to the student's list of qualifications. Completing students on these courses are awarded a Certificate of Qualification. Please see individual courses for Certificate awarded.

Please note that, on all 'Certificate of Qualification' Courses, students are assessed by Continuous Assessment, Case-Studies or Examination.

Students who complete 20 days of our modular 1-4 day courses will be awarded a Certificate in Complementary Medicine. Please note that our distance- learning courses are also acceptable.

Course list

Courses marked ** provide a certificate of qualification if the Student meets the relevant criteria.

Courses marked (NPE) may also be taken by those with no prior experience.

Courses marked (DL) are also available as distance-learning.