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Aromatherapy Practical Application Course (AR102)

Students who are attending this 5-day Course as part of their Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma will learn those elements of Aromatherapy that can only be taught face to face if the Student is to understand the finer points of this therapy.

Aromatherapy is a fascinating topic and this is a fun course where we familiarise ourselves in depth with essential oils to enable us to easily see why Aromatherapy works so well. As part of the Course our afternoons are spent creating many products to take home: including beeswax ointments, lip balms, macerated carrier oils, body and face care products, flavoured vinegars, shampoos, room sprays and perfumes.

Our sense of smell is the least developed of our senses and we have to educate the nose so that we can discern and appreciate odours. It can take time to develop the art of distinguishing the subtle aromas of essential oils and, thereby, evaluating the dimensions of an aromatic compound. It is possible to determine the quality of an oil and also its characteristics simply by its aroma.

This could be your first introduction to the wonders of olfaction or you could already have a well developed sense of aromas – there is something to be learnt by all once having acquired our Fragrance Testing technique.

Please note: We also offer a 2 day Aromatherapy Practical 'Taster'. This 'taster' is ideal for Students who want an introduction to this fascinating topic and to be able to use it with family and friends and for this no prior experience is necessary. It is an ideal course to help determine if you would like to make Aromatherapy a career as we cover a good cross section of topics.

Alternatively, Students may attend this 5 day Aromatherapy Practical Module as a more in depth 'taster'.

Classes are small with individual Tutor attention. For such Students, further Modules can be taken at a later date should they decide to pursue the Diploma.

No prior experience is necessary to attend this Course


Surrey: 21-25 January 2019 (£575)
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Dorset: 1-5 June 2019 (£575)
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Course Content

Studies commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

Topics include:

After Students have completed this Module and the Distance-Learning Modules, theory examinations will be individually arranged and can be taken locally (to the Student).

Aromatherapy Diploma Students can start with this 'in-house' Aromatherapy Practical Module or the 'in-house' Aromatherapy Massage Module (AR101) or the Distance-learning Modules.