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Hot Stone Body & Reflex Massage Course (HS1)

This comprehensive Hot Stone Massage Course is one of our 'Guest' courses, written and presented by Anita James. Anita is a multi-talented practitioner having qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head-Massage and Hopi Ear-Candling to name but a few and has been teaching qualified therapists Hot Stone Massage for many years.

This popular treatment Hot Stone Massage treatment originated in the U.S.A. It involves the use of hot and cold stones placed on the body and also used to massage the body. It brings together the use of opposites to create balance: hot and cold, marble and basalt, relaxing and reviving.

This excellent Course will enable the qualifying Student to offer several new treatments to their clients. These include offering luxurious top-to-toe Full Body Hot Stone Massages, Cold Stone Facials, Hot/Cold Stone Foot Reflex Treatments and Hot and Cold Stone Spinal placements to balance the chakras during any treatment. In addition, when Students become familiar with working with their stones, they will find them indispensable as a general massage tool to both relax and soothe the muscles during Deep Tissue/Remedial massage.

Students must be qualified Massage Therapists to attend.


Surrey: 10-11 October 2018 (£210)
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Surrey: 9-10 April 2019 (£210)
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Dorset: 14-15 September 2019 (£210)
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Surrey: 21-22 October 2019 (£210)
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Course Content

Studies commence at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

This intensive and comprehensive 2-day (2 consecutive days) course will include:

Many Associations accept our courses for CPD including the IFPA (12 Category A Points).

There will be a short written exam and a case-history requirement (3 Clients to be treated: 1 x 3 times, 2 clients x 1 time) before Certificates of Qualification are awarded. If you only require a Certificate of Attendance please let us know.

Please note: This course is a Post-graduate qualification course, during which the student is assessed for competence.

Certificates of Qualification are awarded to completing Students.

Student Comments

'I had been searching for a while to find a 2 day Hot Stone Massage Course & I am so glad I held out and found the SEED Institute. Within minutes of the class starting I was hooked - the tutor was very passionate about the therapy with lots of interesting facts and information, told in a clear and effective way. I've been on courses when it really drags but this didn't. By the end of the first day I had learnt and practised the Hot Stone Body Massage and I was eager to come back the following day and learn more. The 2nd day exceeded my expectations. Anita is an amazing tutor with lots of knowledge and experience as a Therapist, which really came across in her teaching. My hand-out comes everywhere with me, just in case I need to refer back or go through certain things again, such as the meridians and reflex points. I feel the Hot Stones have added a whole new dimension to the way I work and I love it. The course gives you a full body massage, a cold stone facial massage which can work as an individual treatment and Hot Stone Foot Reflex. The course has definitely created new clients for me, their feedback has been fab! A course I would recommend to any Therapist - I can't imagine working without them.'

'I would just like to say that in November I went on the Hot Stone Massage course, by Anita James. I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new technique and purchasing my special stones. I have gone on to pass my theory and just have a little more work to submit for my Case Studies. I would encourage anyone who is considering this course to go ahead. I have used the stones in a variety of ways and find them quite versatile.'

'Demonstrations were easy to follow and I liked the course notes - they were clear and concise. The Tutor knows her subject and puts it across very well. Very practical advice given.'

'Very good, professional, moves you to the next level.'

'The Tutor was excellent, knowledgeable, funny and very informative. I feel that I can now take the information and use it immediately. So much knowledge! Great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much more information than I was expecting.'

'Well presented course. Anita gave loads of useful information. She had stones that we could purchase so we can start straight away. Thoroughly enjoyed everything about the course.'

'Anita is an excellent Tutor, all subjects explained well in detail. Questions readily answered with confidence and ability to explain in a manner easily understood. Course well structured and flowing in a logical manner. Plenty of balance between theory and practical. A well organised and informative course, learnt lots and am looking forward to introducing treatments to my clients.'

'I feel that the course has met all my needs to go ahead and add Hot Stone Therapy to my repertoire with real confidence.'