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Tsuboki Japanese Foot Massage Course (TFM)

This 1-day Tsuoki:Japanese Foot Massage Course is one of our 'Guest' Courses, written and presented by Anne Parry.

The cost of the Course includes £15 for DVD + £10 for a ridoki roller.

This thorough and effective foot massage is one of our 'Guest' courses, written and presented by Anne Parry who has drawn on her many years of massage experience to produce this course based on traditional Japanese Foot Massage.

It forms an ideal complement to her Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage.

Do you love to give a good foot massage but are not a reflexologist?

Or maybe you are a reflexologist who would like to learn new techniques to enhance your treatments?

If your answer is "yes" to either of these questions, then this course is for you!


Surrey: 26 September 2018 (£145)
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Surrey: 19 February 2019 (£145)
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Surrey: 27 November 2019 (£145)
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Course Content

Studies commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at 5.30 p.m.

According to tradition the Buddha created a foot reflexology chart along with foot massage methods. This tradition travelled From India, through China to Japan, where the tradition of foot washing and foot massage was often found at inns.

"TSUBOKI" is massaging a small part of the body in order to influence the health of the whole person. In Tsuboki Foot Massage we massage the feet to affect the whole body.

The feet are our foundation, so problems here will reflect throughout the body and affect posture. We know from reflexology that the body is mapped out on the feet, so by massaging the whole of the foot we are affecting the whole body.

By pressing the tsubo points and tracing meridians we are helping to improve the state of health Foot massage is extremely relaxing!

Tsuboki Foot massage consists of 5 stages:

  1. The therapist begins to warm up the feet and lower legs by manipulating, mobilising, pressing and kneading without the use of oil.
  2. This dry massage is then continued using a "ridoki", or stainless steel roller, allowing the therapist to apply deep pressure to the feet with no strain to themselves.
  3. This is followed by a thorough massage of all surfaces of the feet using oil or lotion.
  4. Now that the feet are thoroughly warmed and flexible, we work 33 tsubo points and 6 meridians on each foot, thereby having far-reaching effects throughout the body.
  5. We finish with "Buddha's Footprints"; a light holding, in sequence, of areas of the feet that relate to each of the Five Elements.

On this intense, fun, and informative one day course, you will learn:

We have massage couches at the venue but Anne, the Tutor, also shows how to do this massage using a Lafuma Chair and if you have one it would be useful for you to bring it - if you can.

Please note: This Course is a Post-graduate qualification course, during which the student is assessed for competence.

Students must complete 3 practice sessions within 6 weeks before being issued with a Certificate of Competence.

Certificate of Qualification awarded to successfully completing Therapists

Many Associations accept our courses for CPD including the IFPA (6 Category A Points).

Student Comments

'Very enjoyable course. Have learnt new techniques to implement into other treatments'.

'Well structured theory and practical - content very well balanced and lots to follow up post course - which I really like. Course notes were better than I expected - clear and logical and I feel confident that, despite learning a lot of new stuff, I will remember and be able to replicate it'.

'Anne kept my attention all day. I really felt I have learnt so much and have confidence to go out and practice'.

'Excellent Tutor - explained well and was there for you if stuck. Fun and enjoyable - easy to learn from. The structure was great - lots of info given - never boring'.

'Well structured and feels quite complete so I can go away and offer a wonderful new treatment. Very clear and thorough explanations. I appreciated Anne's enthusiasm and genuine way of sharing'.

'The Course flowed well, good content. Amazing results. Really in-depth and knowledgeable'.