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Aromatherapy & Cancer Course (CA1)

This course, for those either working in the field of Cancer-care or for those interested in this topic. The Course is geared to qualified and practising Aromatherapists but we allow anyone to come on it as there is so much valuable information and much value to be had from using essential oils for their aroma alone. We clearly define what parts cannot be utilised by non-Aromatherapists and the mix of abilities works very well as hospice workers and carers bring in a very different dimension to the course which is valuable for therapists

It was prepared by one of our Principal Tutors and has the unique perspective of her experiences with malignant melanoma. Given a 40% chance of surviving 5 years, she decided to plumb the depths of her resources and gather what she perceived to be the best of both allopathic and complementary medicine and use them to her own advantage. So far, she is still very much alive and a great deal wiser about the human body and psyche.

This Course is only available as distance-learning.


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Course Content

Studies commence at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

It was reported, at a conference on Cancer, that one in two people will get Cancer sometime during their lifetime and, with this in mind, it is the intention of the Tutors to impart their hard-won knowledge to those who wish to support people in their battle with this disorder.

Topics addressed during the course include:

No prior experience is required to attend this Course.

Many Associations accept our courses for CPD including the IFPA (12 Category A Points).

Please note: This Course is a Post-graduate qualification course, during which the student is assessed for competence.

On successful completion, Certificates of Qualification awarded to Qualified & Practising Aromatherapists

Student Comments

"Excellent Course - thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt a lot. Would recommend it."

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the Course - it has been stimulating, interesting and challenging. It has broadened my horizons both personally and professionally."

"Has closed a few gaps in my knowledge."

"There was a great deal of useful and interesting data."

"I'd definitely recommend this course to others as it was recommended to me by two others."

"Very up-to-date and enough information to read, digest and produce."

"I learnt much more than expected."