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Ayurvedic Indian Head-Massage Course (IND1)

Indian Head-Massage is a very old art that has been practised for many years in market squares and on street corners in India. Ayurveda is the traditional, medical science of India. On this course you will be taught a gentle, firm and rhythmical massage that can be performed with or without oil.

Stimulation of the scalp's circulation helps tone the muscles, relieves eye-strain and headaches, improves concentration and boosts the immune-system. It also eliminates muscular tension and restores joint-movement by stretching and mobilising the tissues of the neck and shoulder.

For qualified Aromatherapists or Massage Therapists. We do take Students who do not have any Massage experience and this is done on a case-by-case basis. In India and Nepal, anyone can massage, and we have the aim to keep this tradition alive.

This Course is also available as distance-learning.


Surrey: 29-30 November 2018 (£225)
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Surrey: 22-23 August 2019 (£225)
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Dorset: 5 October 2019 (£225)
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Distance-Learning: (£180)
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Course Content

Studies commence at 9.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

Topics addressed during this 2-day (consecutive days) course include:

Please note: This course is a Post-graduate qualification course, during which the student is assessed for competence.

Certificates of Qualification are awarded to completing Therapists.

Please note that we do accept Students with no therapy qualifications on a case by case basis - please contact us to discuss this.

Many Associations accept our courses for CPD including the IFPA (12 Category A Points).

Student Comments

"The Course was a perfect combination of theory, hands-on practise, video background, exploration and debate. My attention was captured for every minute of the course. Everything was presented clearly, easy to absorb and with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I learned much more than I would have thought possible in two days."

"Fantastic course. I really enjoyed myself. It is nice to have a tutor who clearly knows loads of information and was very helpful. Clear and helpful demonstration gave me more confidence during the practice."

"The theory and presentation of notes was excellent."

"Has rejuvenated my interest in oils and has introduced me to some I didn't know."

"Feel very confident to be able to practise well."

"I very much appreciate the amount of practical guidance given."

"Good balance between theory and practical."

"Absolutely brilliant Course."

"Wonderful range of alternative subjects introduced."

"Everything was organised beautifully as all your Courses have been."

"Very good. Felt really welcome and would love to come again."

"The Tutor was very approachable and had a wonderful gift of communicating not only her knowledge of the subject but her enthusiasm for it."

"A wonderful, relaxing experience in such good company."