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Ayurveda Courses

Our Ayurvedic Training Courses are rooted in the holistic Ayurvedic tradition which is based on the understanding that there are three fundamental energies in every living thing. When these energies are in balance, they create a harmony of seven, specific vibrations. Ayurvedic treatment consists of diagnosing the different kinds of imbalance that can occur and applying the correct, natural medication, appropriate nutrition, specific massage techniques, natural supplements and lifestyle modifications to gradually restore balance and - as a result - good health.

There are many different approaches used within Ayurvedic treatment plans. Pastes of herbs or medicines are applied to the skin with the intention of them permeating the skin and reaching underlying tissues and other elements of the body. Both oily and dry massage techniques; tailored to the individual, remove toxins from the skin and circulation, supporting indirectly the action of the lungs, the large intestine and the kidneys. Massage can help the three different doshas - Vata (wind), Pitta (bile or blood) and Kapha (mucus) to balance and settle and, for this, we must use different strokes, base oils and herbal mixtures.

1 & 2-day Courses

Within each of our Courses we cover a different subset of the Ayurvedic Principles; which are fundamental to grasping this fascinating and truly holistic system of health care.

Distance-Learning Only

Please note: Within each of our Ayurvedic Courses we cover different Ayurvedic Principles so as to afford the returning student the opportunity of an increasingly broad understanding of this vast subject.

For Students with no core therapy qualification who want to attend our Ayurvedic Training Courses, we recommend that they undertake our Aromatherapy Diploma Course and our Anatomy & Physiology Course. (Aromatherapy was founded upon Ayurvedic principles.) Having attained their Diploma, Students can then progress to our 1 and 2 day Post-Graduate Ayurvedic Qualification Courses.