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Anatomy & Physiology Course (AP2-DL)

Please note: This course is currently only available via Distance-learning.

This Anatomy & Physiology Distance-Learning Course; leading to a Level 4 professional qualification in Anatomy & Physiology, is written and tutored by Complementary Therapists and is packed with information. It is designed with Therapists in mind but is relevant to anyone who wishes to increase his or her knowledge of the human body and how it functions. The course consists of individual distance-learning lessons and homework. It is followed, after completion of the course, by the Examination.

One of the main aims of the Anatomy & Physiology Distance-Learning Course is to make learning interesting and fun and to instil in participants a wonder for the human body and how it works.

This course has been designed to:

1. introduce students to the structure and related functions of the human body that are relevant to the practice of Complementary Medicine and

2. develop understanding of principles and their application in human physiology that underlay the treatments and practices of Complementary Medicine.


Distance-Learning: (£470)
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Course Content

The Anatomy & Physiology Course includes:

Please go to our Course Syllabus page for further details.


The course costs £380. The Examination costs an additional £90. The course includes all Course-notes (9 lessons), CDs, tests and corrections at the end of each lesson and 12 months e-mail and telephone support from your dedicated moderator. You will receive the first lessons by post within 2 weeks of our receipt of your application. You will post, or e-mail (preferred method), completed homework from each lesson to be checked, marked and returned to you.

Please note that we do not send the next set of work until you have successfully completed the homework from the first set of work.

N.B. Once you have paid for this course and examination there will be no refunds or transfers to other courses. You will be expected to finish the course within 2 years - unless there are extenuating circumstances.


There is a lot of fear surrounding the taking of examinations and we have taken out much of the 'parrot fashion' learning that is a common component in the examination process. Final marks will be divided between Course-work, the answers to a multiple choice question book (sent with the second Course book for Students to research and submit their answers) and the labelling of blank diagrams (the latter being the only examination requirement). Practice blank diagrams and labels will be provided as part of the learning process.

Examinations usually take place in Ash, Surrey, but you may also take it under the supervision of a Doctor or Lawyer or Clergyman/woman or other suitable professional. If this option is taken, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange and advise us of the qualified supervision.

Students who are on The S.E.E.D. Institute Aromatherapy Clinical Diploma Course, and who are already qualified in Anatomy & Physiology, must submit their Certificates to obtain exemption.

If you are attending one of our Diploma Courses then any one of the following qualifications exempts you from taking the A&P module - although students who have taken the Course whilst already qualified elsewhere have said how valuable it was to have done so. CIDESCO, MD, Reg, Physiotherapist, GLSCAT, SRN/RGN (only if there is proof that the A&P syllabus has been covered during training), Osteopath, BABTAC, MNIMH, Acupuncture, CIBTAC, IHBC DIP., Association for Holistic Medicine, LCSP, City and Guilds, Radiographer, ITEC, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, IA*, 'A' Level Human Biology. Body-therapist/Masseur(euse)/Anatomy & Physiology.

Accredited by: The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Accepted by The Bowen Association (UK), BTPA, The Institute of Phytobiophysics, The School of Electro-crystal Therapy and TASK. Accepted by ITEC as APL (accreditation for prior learning) subject to ITEC current terms. Please note that we cannot be responsible if any Association changes its criteria for acceptance.

Student Comments

"The course was structured in such a way as to make learning easy. There was just the right amount of information given to be informative without being overloading which made combining study with full time employment and a hectic lifestyle a most enjoyable experience. I was surprised at how much I had learned and retained. My tutor always marked work very quickly and I felt that she would be there should I need help in any way.I honestly dont think I would change anything about this course, I really enjoyed it and have learned easily which surprised me as I consider myself to be a bit slow to learn new things but I think I did so well because of the structure and the way the course was presented.Thank You!"

"I just want to say I really enjoyed this module and I have found that I have learned and retained so much through this course and I am really impressed with the way that the methods of learning has created long term learning for me I was worried that I would miss out on a level of understanding not being able to attend actual lectures and discussions but have found that I have learned and understood so much through learning in this way. Thank you".

"Excellent course work. Easy to understand. Perfect for people like me who fall to pieces in exams, this was the least stressful I have ever felt doing an exam. I can't recommend it highly enough. Every time I asked a question by e-mail it was answered very promptly. I would not change anything, it was all perfect."

"It's a well thought out course. A lot of thought has gone into the materials to re - enforce the information".

"It has been a wonderful experience and I have really enjoyed the course."

"I enjoyed the course, despite having to fit it in to a very busy life, and I feel that I learned a lot. The content was thorough and well presented and I must thank you for the prompt response to any queries I had".

"The course was structured clearly and so that one could learn a lot in an efficient way. The material was presented well. I liked the way some was done in book form and some on DVD. Also I enjoyed researching for the answers to the multiple choice section. When I needed to ask questions or have advice from my tutor it was answered very promptly and satisfactorily. My tutor was helpful with my questions and concerns over the final examination."